Being present with Suhaiyla

Many of us are navigating lives filled with constant movement, working long hours (hoping to 'secure the bag') moving from one space to the next, rarely pausing to check in; as a result moments of being completely present are far and few in between...

The Art of Being Present is a workshop series exploring the various ways of being completely present and in the moment. During TABP we exercise mindfulness and the importance of listening to our intuition, with powerful tools such as Tarot cards, crystals, colour and our imagination. The second half of the session offers an opportunity for artistic expression, allowing guests to connect with the energy of play in adulthood.

Suhaiyla has hosted TABP at various events including, Ronan Mckenzie’s I’M HOME exhibition, The Elle Weekender, gal-dem’s International Women’s Weekender and most recently in collaboration with Samsung UK bringing TABP to Coventry.


So comfortable, I felt like I connected with the trainer. I felt the trainer was completely open and non-judgmental

There was a nice balance of self exploration, sharing and information provided

What I took away from today; be present, reflect, breath and love myself.

Thank you, you created a warm and safe environment very quickly. I have learnt more about my own journey and more about tarot in this one session.

It was less about technique and more about creating an individual and unique relationship with the tarot and trusting whatever came through for you. I enjoyed the experience and using artwork allowed a period of active and intended meditation on what came up, which I appreciated.

Event Tarot Readings


Suhaiyla has created a safe space for tarot sessions at events, for a range of partner brands; at London fashion week with Clio Peppiatt, Isle of Paradise, a one-month residency at stores such as WAH Nails Soho and Ilé La Wà. Most recently in celebration of The Hoxton’s newest hotel, CND Nails and Urban Retreat. If you are interested in booking tarot sessions for your event, party or place of business, click here.

Photography by various, including Jade Jackman, Burneece and NXSH


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The history of taboo surrounding the use of magick and intuition has created a vale of darkness and secrecy around what it means to be spiritual, clairvoyant and a practising mystic. This Sunday at WAH Nails Soho we will attempt to lift that vale of mystery, with a panel discussion and more... Upstairs guests were spoilt for choice in our mystical pop-up shop showcasing the latest from Suhaiyla Shakuwra, the magical designs of Clio Peppiatt whilst enjoying the delicious healing herbs and juices of Ibile Botanica. Downstairs unveiled the opportunity to experience private tarot card readings. A safe space for mystics, energy workers, healers and light workers of all levels, it is time to reclaim our own naratives.

Photography by Nata




A major vibe! Guests had the chance to enjoy a complimentary 15% discount on the whole collection throughout the evening while sipping on free drinks courtesy of Malibu Rum, and of course, dancing to music spun by the talented cktrl; all brought together in a venue I can only describe as a potted jungle.

Photography by Jade Jackman