Tarot Messages: The Chariot & Four of Wands

The Chariot & Four of Wands


As January comes to a close I decided to celebrate the pending new month with the unveiling of a new tarot deck and what better way to christen my new deck than with a new Tarot Message…

Today’s message comes from The Chariot and Four of Wands.

The Chariot symbolises knowing when to let go, it teaches the illusion of the ‘right time’ and the illusion of time itself - there is no right time to jump off the chariot of your comfort zone, there is only now! The four of Wands teachers that from oppressive situations an immense creative expression can emerge.

The Chariot card enters as a representation of your current feelings and attachment to your comfort zone, the complete indulgence of what is familiar and safe.

On the surface you have no real desire to leave this place; however, deep down there is a stirring within you, a longing to explore something completely different, to venture out into less safe and more unknown territories. You may be experiencing this energy more intensely if you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs in the star constellation of Cancer.

The four of Wands jumped out of the deck straight after The Chariot symbolising the strength that is currently accessible for change. Out of a time of stagnant creative energy, or maybe just an overall feeling of being stifled, you are now ready to share your creative growth. There is a feeling of triumph to this card a sense of overcoming. You are no longer able to contain the urge to express yourself so much so that the very feeling of suppression has aided in your discovery of self-confidence and Joy.

Today's message

The real thing holding you back from living a more spontaneous and fulfilling life is the fear of letting go - the fear of losing the stability and security that you have become accustomed to overtime. There is a false illusion here, that if you leave your chariot - which is now becoming increasingly more uncomfortable, as you begin to outgrow its safety, your life will fall apart. Maybe you are holding on to the FALSE belief that adventurous lifestyles are only for ‘some’ people or that spontaneity is a luxury that you don’t have access too - I repeat, this is a false reality! You are currently on the precipice of new and more exciting times. The emotional unrest caused by this call for change is mainly dependant on your connection to change and your ability to recognise it as part of the natural order of life. The Four of Wands reminds us that deep down you are ready to leave the gates of conformity for the freedom of the open road.

What is your chariot?

Let it be noted, the good fortune on the horizon will not just enter your path like a fallen feather, you are being called to take a risk, or a leap of faith and step out of your comfort zone! The Chariot was not designed to take you much further than where you currently are, as you allow yourself to be pulled in these opposing directions (security vs adventure) the chariot will naturally and eventually fall apart.

With love and light,

Suhaiyla x

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