Tarot Messages: Temperance



Welcome to my first, Tarot Message of 2019! Where I will be pulling a tarot card for the collective consciousness and energy; offering guidance and things to be aware of throughout the week or during that period. As we try not to get swept away by our high ambitions and super plans, here is a little tarot guidance to carry you through the remainder of the week. I trust it will serve you well.   

Todays Message comes from The Temperance - The marriage of spontaneity with wisdom

The presence of the temperance enters, like a guardian angel reminding you to allow energy to flow, removing the urge to entertain inauthentic behaviour. There is an opportunity for peace after undergoing a death of some sort; this could be ego or spiritual, it could also be the death of old habits and belief systems, this process has facilitated a much-needed rebirth. Honour this new energy by neglecting the urge to “fit in” or force yourself into boxes, with the hope to be more palatable to others, e.g., ‘when I’m at work am I this person’, ‘when I’m with my family I am this person’, etc.

The word Temperance derives from the Latin word Temperare meaning to mix or to combine properly.

The uninterrupted flow of energy comes from accepting the different aspects of your life and allowing them to combine naturally; without forced separation or the urge to create multiple personalities for different circumstances. This coping mechanism is possibly beginning to leave an air of unfulfillment to your interactions. The Temperance represents the power and harmony that comes with acceptance. This vital flow of energy allows for a truer response to situations that arise, in turn allowing your natural personality to be released. Try looking at it as working with the flow rather than against it.

Today's message

Through overcoming obstacles, you have been lifted to a place where you are once again connected to the world around you, most likely on a deeper level than before. The wisdom within this card shines a light on the opportunity to restore the balance in your life.

As we welcome in the new year, we can fall victim to the pressure to ‘start with a bang’ by making things happen immediately. Remove these false ideas from your reality and make the conscious decision to go at your own pace. Avoid confrontation. Exercise your ability to understand opposing viewpoints, rather than playing devil's advocate. Now is the perfect time for preparation and planning! Remain calm even when the urge to panic creeps up, refer to your plan and higher vision. Be patient, You are exactly where you are meant to be at this time.

Love and light,

Suhaiyla x

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