Tarot Messages: Queen of Swords



You have allowed your voice to be silenced for far too long.

This Queen enters carrying the sword of truth! Encouraging you to allow your truth to come up and out unapologetically. She arrives to remind you, the importance of the big B word - BOUNDARIES. Her presence is a sign asking you to take a step back and evaluate your interactions; where can you exercise boundaries in your life, where have you been avoiding your truth?

This avoidance and fear of losing your loves to strong boundaries are causing unfulfilling and mediocre relationships. A love who leaves because you are owning your voice and setting healthy boundaries is not a true a love, but a possessor and possibly stifling your growth.

You are worthy of being heard if your truth is rooted in love it is vital to your highest evolution.

If you are met with anxiety when attempting to speak your truth, try working with the colour blue, wear blue fabrics, carry blue crystals around your neck, in bras and pockets. I recommend Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine or Labradorite, with some Clear Quartz to amplify its power. Call on the deities that you resonate with to assist you in challenging times, Maat of Kemit, Athene of Ancient Greece, Ogun of Yoruba, there are many more.

Todays message

Knowing when and how to exercise boundaries is a powerful skill, listen to your intuition, remember to introduce these boundaries with love and compassion, use warmth rather than the cold icy tongue of sudden absence. You do not want to Isolate your loves, this is about deeper honesty and respect, which is vital to the fulfilment and longevity of your relationships.

The time to stand firmly in your true calling is now, grab your sword and cut through the bullshit!

Suhaiyla ShakuwraComment