New Moon In Aquarius Intention Setting & Rituals

New Moon in Aquarius intention setting


Happy New Moon in Aquarius

The new moon is always a good time to set your intentions for the next cycle, with this New moon in the star constellation of Aquarius the energy for goal setting, elaborate plans and starting new projects is heightened!

Give in to the urge to socialise with friends, new friends or interesting strangers. Now is the time to develop your plan to save the world or - brainstorm ways you can be of service to your community in the near future, alone or maybe with like-minded friends. 

New Moon In Aquarius ritual tips

1. Cleanse your energy and the energy in your space. Use Sage or Palo Santo, if you have more time or own a bath run your self a bath and add dead sea salt, lavender and lemongrass essential oils (You can also use the oils and salts you feel most connected to) If you only have access to a shower, visualise the water running down on you grounding and cleansing your energy. 

2. Light a white Candle.

3. Write down your plans. Make sure you are clear and precise about what you would like to manifest, use your positive language, focus on what you do want - not what you don’t want.

4. Lay down with Amethyst resting on your 3rd eye or seated resting on the top of your head. Take a moment to look at what you wrote, then place it down when it feels right.

5. Focus your thoughts on what you wrote. Visualise your self in this position, visualisation works best when you involve the senses and emotions, how does your new life make you feel? 

More Crystal suggestions for this new moon;





Boji Stone


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