Crystal Meditation: Finding The Balance In A Difficult space

Crystal meditation

Finding the balance in a difficult place


This is a crystal meditation outline that can aid with guidance if you are feeling pulled in opposite directions or trying to find balance in a difficult place, this meditation may also be useful if you are struggling to make an important choice.

Try using Moonstone, Selenite, Carnelian, Calcite or Amethyst.

You will need, incense to clear your space before you begin, your chosen crystal, a white candle, 3 pieces of paper and a pen.

  1. Light your candle

  2. Clear your space energetically using the incense smoke you have available.

  3. Place the three piece of paper on the floor in front of you (let’s call them A, B and C for the purpose of explaining) paper B should be in the centre, this is your solution paper.

  4. Take three deep breaths, think about the difficult situation that is pulling you in opposite directions, for example, I want to move to Sweden to live with my partner but my job and home is in London.

  5. Write the two ‘opposing forces’ on the paper in front of you, one on paper A and the other on paper C.

  6. Lay down and place your chosen crystal on the corresponding Chakra or sit up cross legged holding your crystal in your palm or placed on the top of your head (whatever feels right for you).

  7. Take three deep breaths before you begin your meditation, allow your focus to drift to the sound of your heartbeat, focus on this sound and vibration. If multiple thoughts begin to rush in, be patient with yourself, do not interact with them just allow them drift in and out.

  8. Stay here for as long as you can the longer the better you will also gain more clarity this way.

  9. When you feel ready to step out of your meditation take three deep breaths. Sit for a minute to consider what came up for you, what information did you gain? What stood out? Were there any theme?

  10. Write this information down on paper B this is your solution paper.

Remember this is only an outline, use your intuition, change anything that you wish and go with what works best for you.

I hope this meditation serves you well feel free to share your experiences of this meditation with me.

Love and light,

Suhaiyla x