Tarot Messages: Temperance Dust2Onyx



New tarot deck, who this?

Todays tarot message comes in the form of Temperance but before we get into that, can we please take a minute to appreciate the exquisite Dust II Onyx a melanated tarot deck, by Courtney Alexander.

I LOVE THESE CARDS! From the minute my deck arrived (two days ago) I could feel just how powerful it was, the tremendous amount of effort that went into this deck is evident at first glance. 78 cards of glorious depiction of blackness and homage to the ancestors, I am currently blown away by the artistry, the profound symbology, and real depth of meaning. I could write an essay on my thoughts and feelings about this amazing deck, but first lets get into this weeks Tarot Messages…


Thursday 28th March

Discovering the equilibrium.

This beautiful depiction of the temperance brings with it the teachings of balance and Patience. There is power in the middle ground. There is a mystical connectedness present when you choose to sit in the centre of things and allow the energy around you to flow, like the waters of unrestricted rivers.

The belief system of hard opposites - It’s either light or dark, good or bad is robbing you of your natural ability to connect with the energies around you. Are you allowing yourself and others the space to adapt. It is time to exercise your tolerance and compassion.

You are being asked to check in with your deep internal knowing.

Pause more, meditate more, be conscious of where and what you are pouring your energy into. Maybe you are involved in a reoccurring scenario that continuously drains you, how can you shift from giving your valuable energy to z scenario? Is there a lack of harmony in your relationships? Maybe there is room for compromise in places that you have overlooked.

Todays Message

In challenging situations take a moment to ask yourself, where can I find the balance? When finding yourself torn between polarities, take time to meditate on where these opposites connect? This is the time to exercise patience, and being mindfully moderate of how you are expending your energy.


Moonstone, Selenite, Carnelian, Calcite or Amethyst.