Tarot Messages: The Tower

The tower


Thursday 25th April

It’s time to leave your tower.

This weeks card pull for the collective energy comes to us in the form of the tower. Powerful and intense cleansing and clearing energy is apon us!

Don’t panic. This is the opportunity for change that you have been asking for. The Tower brings with it many lessons. But one of its most poignant lessons is that change is inevitable. This card teaches the detriment that we attract when desperately clinging to our old skin that we have now outgrown, instead of welcoming our evolution, instead of choosing life.

Your ability to adapt and see the beauty in the current unfolding events will be your saving grace.

The time has come to evaluate your current life decisions, choices, ideologies or relationships. You are entering a period of realisation and awakening. This could manifest itself in abrupt, but most importantly final endings. Unlike cards like the 8 of cups for example, the Tower is not asking you to let go - it's telling you “Giiirl, it, is, over! You are dragging around a corpse and refusing to acknowledge it”. The coming down of the tower ables us to rebuild our foundations on solid and sustainable grounds.

Today’s message

You may be experiencing an intense change, it may even feel as though it resembles a death of your old self. Channel your energy and anxiety around this situation into preparing yourself for your next steps, cut out time in your evenings to journal your thoughts, write down your near future plans, meditate in the mornings. Do not block your blessings by fighting the change, this will only cause you pain. The internal and external chaos you may be feeling is clearing and cleansing with the ferocious force and power of tsunami waters or great forest fires, making the earth's ground more fertile and preparing it for rapid growth. Take this invitation for progression, step back and trust that the universe is making way for positive change in your life. On the other side of your adversity lies your new beginning.

Crystal Suggestions

Work closely with black onyx, tourmaline, shungite or hematite during this time of immense healing to help sooth and ground your energy. Carry a piece in your pocket around your neck or under your pillow at night. Better still meditate with one the above crystals, try adding a clear quartz point to the mix to amplify its effectiveness.