Love Potion

Love Potion


This healing potion is inspired by the greatest healer of them all, love.

An aura cleanser mindfully crafted and hand blended by yours truly. I call it The Love Potion, for attracting love, in all its glorious forms; be it, new romantic love, strengthening an old bond, but most specifically the all-important self-love. This love potion helps to attract abundance and can assist with meditation; a useful tool for healers, enhancing your psychic connection, and also cleansing and cleaning your aura after intense sessions. The Love Potion, assists with invoking the spirit of love and harmony into a space, opening your heart to love, it eases anxiety, stress and tension in the body, helps you to relax and sleep easier and newly discovered, a sweet afrodisiac. Scroll down for suggestion on how to use.

One purchase equals one bottle of love potion.

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Suggestions for use:

Prepare your tools needed to burn your love potion, i.e, heatproof dish, charcoal, candle and tongs. Take a moment to think deeply about your intentions, i.e, attracting romatic love, opening up to self-love (this is always a good place to start), invoking the spirit of love into a space. If it helps write your intentions down.

Ignite a charcoal disc with a candle flame, place in a heatproof dish, then sprinkle The Love Potion onto the ignited charcoal. While the smoke of The Love Potion rises, be present and mindful thinking about your above intention all the while. When finished open all the windows in your space allowing stagnant energy to exit.

Seal your intention using a method that works best for you, this could be visualisation; take yourself on a sensory journey, place yourself in the recieving place of your intention, how does it feel to experince your desired intention, this would also be a good time for prayer or affirmation.

Perhaps it is answers you seek, in that case meditation may be more uselful for you, sit in silence and listen to the information that your guides have for you, write what comes up for you down or pull out your divination tools.

If you wish to experience the Love Potions afrodisiac properties, burn as above in the room that you and your lover will be sharing space together, make an evening of it, the Potion works best when used in ceremonial way, allowing you to honour its sacred ingredience. Burn a few moments before your special evening and enjoy!

The ingredients include; Frankincense, Myrhh, and other mystic secrets...

Our aura cleansers are all natural and ethically sourced. As with all things that we take from Mother Earth please be mindful with these sacred roots and trees, use them respectfully with gratitude and in moderation.