Love Potion

Love Potion


This healing potion is inspired by the greatest healer of them all, love.

An aura cleanser mindfully crafted and hand blended by yours truly. I call it The Love Potion, for attracting love, in all its glorious forms; be it, new romantic love, strengthening an old bond, but most specifically the all-important self-love. This love potion helps to attract abundance and can assist with meditation; a useful tool for healers, enhancing your psychic connection, and also cleansing and cleaning your aura after intense sessions. The Love Potion eases anxiety, stress and tension in the body, helps you to relax and sleep easier.


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How to use: Ignite a charcoal disc with a candle flame, place in a heatproof dish, sprinkle The Love Potion onto the ignited charcoal. While the smoke of The Love Potion rises, be present and mindful as you set and seal your intentions. 

The ingredients include; Frankincense, Myrhh, Saffron, and other secrets...

One purchase equals one bottle of love potion.