Tarot Sessions

During your reading my primary focus is to offer insight, relaying the information brought forward with clarity.
During the session, we will bring to light, common topics within the energy that surrounds you.
Rather than telling you what is right/wrong, good/bad, we are offering insight into your spiritual, physical and mental cycles; a tool, shedding light on blockages or perhaps reoccurring patterns that are no longer contributing to your highest evolution.

Your session is an intimate, safe and sacred space, an act of love for self.

I will not tell you what to do, we will be looking into the depths and possibilities of where you are right now, this conversation brings forward an invitation for new perception, and deeper understanding, ultimately a renewal of energy.
The tarot provides clear communication between your subconscious, yourself and your guides.

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Phone Sessions

Phone sessions are available for U.K clients and worldwide, held over a landline, mobile phone, Skype, google hangout or Whatsapp call. In order to make the most of our experience, please ensure you are in a quiet space, where you will not be bothered for the duration of your session.

15 minute = £25

5 card reading - This session is best utilised for guidance on one subject, a quick check in with self.

30 minute = £35

This session is also great for guidance on one subject but does not have to be, the extra 15 minutes allows a little more time for exploration.

60 minute = £60

This session is perfect if you are abroad or unable to reach me in person and are seeking guidance on multiple themes in your life and personal energy. This is a 10 card reading which gives us the opportunity to delve deep and connect with your guides.

In-person Sessions 

In-person tarot sessions will be held in east London, U.K

30 minute = £45

As mentioned above this session is great for guidance on one subject (but does not have to be) the extra 15 minutes allows a little more time for exploration of one topic or up to three.

60 minute = £70

This is my favourite session! This session is perfect if you are seeking an in-depth reading regarding multiple themes in your life on a conscious and subconscious level. Here we will explore the energy that surrounds you. This is a 10 card reading which gives us space to connect with your guides and bring forward the answers and guidance that you seek.

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Event Bookings 

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If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to book a session, feel free to let me know in your request form so we can discuss other possible options. Alternatively you can sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of this page to receive your free weekly Tarot Messages.


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