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The Art of Being Present

Being present with Suhaiyla

Many of us are navigating lives filled with constant movement, working long hours (hoping to 'secure the bag') moving from one space to the next, rarely pausing to check in; as a result moments of being completely present are far and few in between...

The Art of Being Present is a workshop exploring the various ways of being completely present and in the moment. During TABP we exercise mindfulness and the importance of listening to our intuition, with powerful tools such as Tarot cards, crystals, colour and our imagination. The second half of the session offers an opportunity for artistic expression, allowing guests to connect with the energy of play in adulthood.
TAOBP will be hosted at Colours Hoxton. This venue is fully wheelchair accessible!

Suhaiyla has hosted TABP at various events including, Ronan Mckenzie’s I’M HOME exhibition, The Elle Weekender, gal-dem’s International Women’s Weekender and most recently in collaboration with Samsung UK bringing TAOBP to Coventry.